Live Stream at The Pheasant , drogheda
Live streaming The Fleadh 2018 from The Pheasant Pub , Drogheda

If you can not make it to the Fleadh and would love to be part of the action , Live Streaming via Youtube & Facebook is an option . The Pheasant will have several live streams set up from several zones within their venue.

The traditional bar cam , Music lounge cam , Function cam , Beer garden and Theater Marquee .

Several pubs around the country have asked can they play the feeds , thus bringing all the fun of the Fleadh to your local !

Why not ask your local to be part of the fun !

The feed can be played on any phone , ipad , laptop , smart TV etc and can easily be piped onto the bar’s own television systems !  You do not need any special permission to do this but why not let The Pheasant know , so they can give you a special shout out !

To test the feed over the coming months , some acoustic sessions will be streamed , why not use this your setup . But if you can play youtube on your TV , then you can play the Pheasant Fleadh Stream . Or Pheasant TV for short 🙂